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Many people think that there are not many types of windows, but that is not true. There are many different types of windows, and you might already be using some of them at your house. All the windows will serve you the same purpose but in a different way. You will know the uses, costs, and functions of all. However, you should remember that the window that you will buy would totally depend on your style and taste. You might love some of these windows and hate some.

The possible similarities in all the different types of windows

Firstly, you will mostly find the wooden windows in the market as they are traditional and they are considered as a default for windows. You might also find windows with metal frames, but the wooden ones are more common. Secondly, all of the windows you find are most likely to be of a square shape, as it is the most common shape for windows. Lastly, the prices of all the windows will not vary too much. That means you will not find differences of more than 25% in the prices of the windows.

Different Types of Windows:

All the different types of windows are given in the list below:

1)    Bow or Bay Windows

These types of windows are not actually very common to see, but they are still in demand. These windows are very useful if you want some extra interior space in your house as they bulge out of the house and give you a little extra space to use inside the house. You can space a couch or a couple of chairs on that space.

2)    Stationary Windows

Stationary windows are very common and it is possible that you will already have some stationary windows at your house. These windows are stationary and they do not open, because of this, you can customize them to many shapes and use them accordingly. These windows are found on modern-styled houses and buildings.

3)    Transom Windows

This window is a royal one. It gives an ethic look to the house. It is not found very easily everywhere. Transom windows are very narrow and they are installed just above a window or door to increase the air ventilation of that particular room. It also increases the amount of light, which enters the house.

4)    Slider Windows

These windows are used in modern houses and buildings. These windows are operated by sliding method where one part of the window is stationary.

5)    Picture Windows

Picture windows are large (mostly door sized) windows which are used for maximum lighting. People, who live on remote areas, love these types of windows. They allow for easy outside viewing as well.

6)    Awning Windows

These windows are called the companions of stationary windows as it is used with them. These windows are narrow and are used to increase the air intake and outtake.

7)    Double Hung Windows

These windows are unique, and they are very popular too. They have two movable sashes, unlike the single hung windows. You can use it in your kitchen.

Now you know about all the standard windows. You can easily make the choice of buying the best window for yourself.


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