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Everybody desires to have a clean carpet which often has considerable benefits such as making the home’s appearance attractive and most importantly ensuring sound and good health of the residents. A dingy or carpet with stains always detract, and no one would be pleased with such carpet. Equally, dirt and allergens can lead to respiratory diseases. Hence, it is advisable to maintain the cleanliness of our carpets. While some people are well conversant with tips of cleaning their carpets, most people are still in a dilemma or are confused about better ways of carrying out this critical task. Significantly, this article provides the best tips upon which can be applied depending on the nature of the dirt, brought to you by Carpet Cleaning in Columbus OH.


1. Vacuuming the Carpet

The very first tip to think about when you want to eradicate a mess on your carpet quickly is carpet vacuuming. Though this is a procedural mechanism as one is required to prepare the room adequately before vacuuming, it works much more efficiently. While vacuuming the carpet, always begin by picking up objects, toys, and any paper that may restrict the passage of the vacuum cleaner. To ensure that the entire process is efficient; Check, collect and remove other small destructive items such as coins to avoid any damage to the mechanism.

Properly check and clean under the furniture. The furniture, blinds, baseboard, and windowsills should be dusted before the entire process, followed by vacuuming the falling dust.


2. Use of nozzle attachment

This mechanism can be used to clean areas that are hard to reach such as under the furniture. It is evident that carpet and baseboard edges often accumulate dust that should be removed first.

If the furniture cannot be moved, the cranny extension can be used to clean areas under the couches and adjacent places to have dust bunnies cleaned properly.


3. Spot Cleaning

A clean piece of white cloth can be used to clean any spot on the carpet. While so doing, dry rags with patterns should be avoided to prevent transferring their colors to the carpet which may make the problem much bigger. Hence; It is advisable to use paper towels without any pattern. Start by blotting fresh stains by using clean but dry cloth. Avoid using brushes or bristles during this process to preserve the fibers of the carpet.


4. Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing the carpet starts by room preparation which may even require the removal all furniture. However, in the case of bulky items that are too heavy to be removed, they can be protected from water damage by putting plastics under their legs. Enough detergent and hot water should be used. Steam should not be used while shampooing the carpet. Do it with bare feet to prevent the dump carpet from attracting more dirt. After shampooing, let the carpet dry completely through area ventilation.


5. Be cautious and Prevent Carpet Messes

This is the most cost effective way of maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet, done by keeping

mess-making items for much away from the carpet. In this regards, always remove footwear while walking on the carpet to prevent the carpet from tracking dirt. Alternatively;

Train the pet appropriately to avoid them from having any accident’ on the carpet.

Contain current messes by timely removal of excess staining agents.

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