Aug 042016


In one sentence, The Secret is about the Law of Attraction. What you think about, you attract and become. You can attract negative or positive outcomes. When you send out positive intentions, you attract an abundance of wealth, good health, joy and the goodness of life.Every human being wants to become the most successful person of the world. In fact, you have to be for perfectly placed in order to survive in the modern world. So there is no other choice except to strive for the best possible place at the top so as to earn respect and money.

Most people have heard of The Secret by now, although some have not. Rhonda Byrne is the author of this comprehensive edition of philosophy. When she had come upon it, she had been working too hard; her father had died, and her relationship with others was suffering tremendously. Little did she know that out of her greatest despair would come the greatest gift of all, for which she had been given a look at the secret to life. She had received a book that was over a hundred years old, which after she had read it, she began to trace its roots back through history. With gratitude, she followed the leads she was given, and one by one, many teachers and philosophers, linked by a perfect chain of the event were discovered to hold the knowledge that she had recently been privy to.

At first, she used it to make a film. Next, stories of miracles began to flood in from people being healed of their chronic pain to depression and diseases being cured, some walking again after horrifying accidents and even coming back from being near death. She then wrote a book about the secret to bring joy to people and to give them hope. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are; the Secret can give you whatever you attract. Once you realize you are a creator, there is an easy process to create using the law of attraction. Your thoughts make up the path you walk every day. If you ask for what you want directly and believe in that you will receive it, then you will achieve the gift that keeps on giving- the secret. You can have what you want if you know how to form your thoughts into reality.

No dream may not come true if you learn to use the creative force working within you. The methods work for anyone willing to work them in their life. The key to power lies in using what you have, freely and fully, thus opening the channels wide for the more creative force to flow through you. You can allow the universe to do it for you. How it will happen, when it will happen is of no consequence when you positively trust your intuition and emit the frequency that contains faith. The more you use the power within you, the more power you will draw through you. Keep your commitment to your joy, to living a full life and giving to receive as Rhonda has and you will find yourself keeping the secret safe and it keeping you sound. Rhonda Byrne – The Secret audiobook can be found in the link provided. Cheers!

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