Jun 102016


Renting a car may some times sound like an awesome thing and advantageous approach to get yourself around town as a traveler, however, be cautioned – there are a few reasons why you should not rent a car when traveling.

1. Bad roads or terrain. On the off chance that you are in the big city, for instance from the Montego Bay Airport, the streets are in extraordinary condition with activity lights and stop signs. Be that as it may, when you drive out of the city, the street conditions change a lot. As a matter of first importance there are numerous potholes in the streets which imply you have to give careful consideration to where you are driving; because of this, there is a great deal of swerving cars out and about staying away from these openings. Local people have earlier information to where the potholes are situated because of their driving on it consistently, so it is simple for them to maintain a strategic distance from.

2. Driving on the other side. In some places when driving in certain towns where car drive on the left hand of the street which is altogether different if you are not used to that. This can turn out to be exceptionally distressing and befuddling when making turns or trying to make sense of what path to be in when there are a few paths in the city.

3.Busy streets. On most avenues in some nations such as in America, the lanes are wide, straight, and the main diversions are different cars. In Jamaica then again, the streets are extremely occupied with an assortment of various things, for example, goats, individuals, crabs, bicycles, and canines. Yes, you will discover numerous creatures in the city, stray pooches and goats are the most widely recognized yet amid crab season, the streets are loaded with area crabs attempting to cross the road to get to the sea.

4. The lack of road signs. At the end of the day when you are in the fundamental city from the Montego Bay Airport, you will see road signs and additionally stop signs. When you drive out of the city, the road signs get lesser and lesser. You will see that local people, when giving headings infrequently give the name of roads as how to arrive, yet, for the most part, give bearings in connection to points of interest, as beside the grocery store. Moreover, there are no GPS frameworks to help you explore your destination.

5. Don’t know where to go. At the point when on your vacation in say Jamaican getaway, you may sometimes take at your resort. When you are not at your resort, it is advisable to have visit manual for taking you around the area. With a visit guide, they can indicate you precisely where you ought to go and give you foundation data on the diverse areas. Visit aides are the best approach to get you around.

Trust me, when traveling to countries like Jamaica, you don’t have to rent a car. It is not advisable because of the bad streets, driving on the opposite side of the road, occupied lanes, the absence of signs and the way that you are more than likely not certain where to go.

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