Jul 132017

Trees are one of nature’s aesthetic beauty that defines a compound, neighborhood, city or country. However, as natural or manmade they may occur; they sometimes appear as obstacles to progress for whatever reasons. It can be an obstacle for many reasons e.g. road development, and building construction. Therefore, this creates a need for tree removal services. Tree removal is a rising business as people want to design their spaces without the hindrance of trees or stamps. There are different factors that define the cost for tree removal, be sure to give the Tree removal company in Marietta GA a call to find out more. Knowing these factors helps you to properly gauge the right cost for a tree removal service should you need it. These factors include:


Tree height; the height of the tree affects its cost of removal as it defines the technique that will be used to remove the tree. Therefore, most charges deemed on trees are done per foot o the tree heights. Different companies will charge different rates based on small, medium, tall and very tall trees. Small trees are trees at 30’ and below; medium trees range from 30’ to 60’; large trees range from 60’ to 80’, and very tall trees are trees higher than 80’.


Tree condition; this is used to properly determine the technique that will be used to take down the tree. This is evaluated by an arborist who then determines the best way for the tree to be removed by causing minimal damage. There are factors that are used to determine this condition; trunks, branches, decay, history, and lean. These properly determine the condition of the tree thus affecting the price for tree removal.


Diameter; the diameter of the tree greatly affects the time taken to fell at the tree. Trees with small diameter take a small time to cut compared to a tree that takes long. Therefore, this influences the price per hour paid to work on trees with big diameters.


Tree type; there different types of trees.g. Hard wood trees and soft wood trees. Hard wood trees need more time and technique when removing to ensure that it is completely removed. This is also hugely affected on how deeply rooted they are. Soft wood trees are easy to remove and require little time and minimal technique to remove. Therefore, hard wood tree removal will generally cost more than soft wood trees.


Location; trees situated close to buildings, power lines and drainage pipes require more focus and care than trees situated away from such structures. This also includes trees situated in cities and CDB’s than trees situated in the countryside. Therefore, this creates a need for technique in handling the different methods for felling the trees in the different locations.


Dead trees; this factor inclusively comprises of the tree sizes. Working with small trees is easier as they are brittle and weak hence easily cut. However, medium, tall, and very tall trees need to be handled carefully to be properly removed. Some companies are impartial on the state of the tree and will offer the same price irrespective of whether they are alive.


How much should you pay for tree removal? Once you are aware of the different factors that define the cost of tree removal, you can easily determine the cost that you have to pay for tree removal. You can also request a quotation and estimates from any more companies and the decide on the best company that will remove the tree for you at the minimal cost. Before, settling on a specific company for tree removal services, ensure you have viewed all other options before deciding on a specific company.

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