Aug 252016


discovering inner peace is not something that just happens instantly the moment you choose you want it. The first step is to choose you want it though. Once you know you want it then you will be willing to commit the time and energy required in order to achieve it over time.

Inner peace is not easy, it will not come without work, but it will change your life for the better. If you follow the 10 steps outlined below you will soon find yourself on the way to having greater inner peace and greater happiness and joy in all aspects of your life. It will take time, but these 10 ways to inner peace can get you there, if you are willing to let it happen.


The first path to inner peace is to learn to love. Love others, and more importantly, love yourself. When you are able to open your heart to see the best in others and yourself you start to realize that all of the minutia we sometimes focus on is irrelevant when the general beauty of the human people (and all life) far exceeds the perceived minor negatives we dwell on. So open your heart and learn to give and receive love, it will bring you to discovering inner peace .


The next key to inner peace is to smile. Smile when you are happy, smile when you are sad, smile when you do not feel like it. There is a power in smiling that is often overlooked. When you smile the odds of getting a smile back is greatly increased, and there are few things that help to give us more joy, happiness and inner peace than having someone smile at us. We are wired to feel lighter and better when smiled at so why not choose to initiate it by choosing to smile, always, whenever and however you can.


This is a huge one, and often the step that most people get tripped up on. They find some weird pleasure in holding onto things that they don’t want to forgive. Be it either the perceived control not forgiving gives them, or just the attention having a hurt can give them, they hold on. This does no one any good, especially the person who cannot forgive. Especially because if they cannot forgive others then they will never be able to forgive themselves. And that is the biggest danger to inner peace, not being able t forgive ones self.


After you have taken the needed time to work on yourself and take simple steps to both improve you and also learn to reach out to others, it is time to take the next step. One of the hidden keys to inner peace is to learn to get out of our own ego and learn to put others first. This is where service can come in. It helps you to recognize that your stuff is minor compared to the stuff other people face every day. It also empowers you to understand that you have the power to enact change, even in simple ways, to help others to have a better life. This is very beneficial to your own inner peace. Check out The Untethered Soul audiobook today!

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