Jul 082017

Coconut Oil is a type of edible oil that is extracted from the endosperm or kernel part of the coconut. Because of its high variety of benefits, it is used as a major component of daily life in many countries. But like any other thing, coconut oil also has its disadvantages. Let’s check out some of the many ways in which Coconut Oil is beneficial –

1. Health benefits of Coconut Oil
– Although coconut oil contains high levels of saturated fat, it is actually a source of immediate energy, that is, it does get stored as fat in our body.
– Because of its fat content, it is advised to pregnant women to help the baby get the necessary fats.
– Studies have also shown that consuming coconut oil on a regular basis helps in avoiding Alzheimer’s disease.
– Consumption of coconut oil helps in losing weight. If consumed on a daily basis, it is also known to speed up weight loss.
– The hormonal growth can also be boosted by taking coconut oil on a regular basis.

2. Medicinal benefits of Coconut Oil
– In many countries, it is used as a massage oil. It generates heat while massaging that helps in relieving the pain in joints and several body parts.
– It is also used, extensively, to speed up the healing process of cuts, bruises, and infection.
– It is advised to consume coconut oil as it can keep the cholesterol levels in check.
– In certain countries where land pollution is a major issue, it is used to ease the itching caused by insects such as mosquitoes.
– If mixed in a warm drink like tea or coffee and even milk, it is known to help in easing a sore throat.
– Massage of the head with coconut oil is good for the scalp and enhances better stimulation of various brain muscles.

3. Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil
– In winters or in dry seasons, coconut oil is used to soothe the skin. It is applied directly on face and hands which limit the dehydration of skin and also causes them to glow.
– Several men and women are using coconut oil as a replacement for shaving cream. By using coconut oil, they are shielded from the chemical packed shaving cream and are left with soothing and shining skin.
– Coconut oil is skin-friendly and is used popularly as a massage oil.
– One of the widely known uses of coconut oil is its capability to remove eye-makeup without causing any kind of rash or burning sensation in the eye itself.
– It is common for people to use it as a moisturizer as it nourishes the skin and smells deliciously pleasant.
– Other than helping our skin in some ways, coconut oil is also used as a hair oil. It enhances hair growth and hair density.
– If applied together with shampoo, it prevents rough, dry and dull hair.

4. Some regular uses of Coconut Oil
– As mentioned before, coconut oil is edible. It can be used as a replacement of vegetable oil.
– Many people use coconut oil to soothe chapped lips and have coconut oil sex.
– When mixed with baking soda, it works as an excellent stain remover.
– Many wood-shops use coconut oil to make furniture polish.

Like I said before, every good thing has flaws.
LDL or Low-Density Lipoprotein is a type of cholesterol, increasing amounts of which can cause an adverse affect on our body. The fatty acids found in coconut oil raises LDL which is the main concern revolving around the consumption of coconut oil.

Like any other thing, nothing in the world exists purely as one sided. Hence, in a controlled environment, Coconut Oil can be more beneficial than harmful.

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